Novice Class License

In 1964, a school friend, John Johnson, and I took our Novice Class license test from a long time ham Victor Zuniga, WA6AIT. Victor Zuniga owned a small TV and Radio repair shop in Stanton, CA. While I was searching for him on the internet, I discovered he was the first mayor of Stanton and has a park named after him.

John Johnson and I both passed the 5 words per minute Morse Code requirement and the rules and regulations portion of the test. It seems like we waited for weeks and weeks until we both received our licenses in the mail from the FCC. My call sign was WN6LMM and John’s was WN6LMN. I think my first on air chat (QSO) might have been with Victor Zuniga on July 18th, 1964. John went on to upgrade his license so his call sign was changed to WB6LMN, which he still holds today. My license expired at the end of the year, so I lost that call sign.

My brother, Larry, became interested in ham radio, so he also asked Victor Zuniga to give him the test. He passed and was issued WN6RAZ as his call sign. He didn’t upgrade his license, so it expired. A couple of years later, the FCC changed the rules so Larry was able to obtain another Novice class license. The second time he became WN6TWR.

We had permission to communicate using Morse Code on frequencies below 30 MHz and voice on a portion of the 2 meter band.

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